Playmobil FunPark Zirndorf, Germany

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The Playmobil FunPark in Zirndorf (near Nürnberg, Germany) is amazing! While visiting family in Germany, my cousin Kathrin suggested we all take our kids and go. K and N love their cousins M and J and we all had a great day together. It was a day of non-stop play and wonder. This place is well worth a visit!

Playmobil Themed Fun

Most people are probably familiar with the Playmobil universe of toys. There are so many Playmobil figurines, vehicles, buildings, and more that reflect just about every aspect of life and imagination that kids can play with in their own little worlds for hours. These same figurines, vehicles, buildings, and worlds of play were reflected all over the park in each of the areas.

Standing with Playmobil Figurines

Not only were there lifesize Playmobil people figurines all over the park, but there were dinosaurs where kids could explore a volcano, nest of eggs, and waterfall. There were horses and unicorns to brush and wash and cows to milk. Tree houses and climbing structures were all over the park. There was a crane and rock quarry area and another area with tractors to ride on. There was a castle and a jousting arena. Every decorative and functional aspect of the park reflected some new exciting Playmobil theme.

Crane and Jackhammer



Putting our hands in the waterfall

K riding a unicorn

K washing the horses

Water and Sand Games

Some of the most simple and lavish fun to be had revolved around water and sand.


On the simple side, there were several areas with built in water features that were just little rivers running around another attraction. Kids just got in the water and stomped and splashed and laughed. K loved this and even N got in on the action. We made sure to have lots of changes of clothes along but next time we will bring bathing suits to Germany to make it even easier!

N playing in the water

There was an area with a huge series of water tables with one side for little kids and the other for bigger kids. Noah’s arc was the theme so there were boats and animals to play with. This kept our kids entertained for a couple hours and they would have stayed longer! I loved how here and all over the park there was so much thought given to making sure the play areas were covered by sun shades, umbrellas, or trees and to provide lots of spaces for sitting and relaxing or for the parents to watch or feed kids.

K at the watertables

N at the watertables

More extravagant water play included a more formal water playground area with tiered levels and fountains which was massively popular but we didn’t play here this time.  There was a paddle-boat lake and the Pirate Cove. Here there was a huge sailboat that the kids climbed all over. To get to the boat you had to go over a wooden board, swinging bridge, or rope bridge. You could paddle rafts around the sea or ferry yourself across by pulling on a rope. There were stones to hop across and wooden structures to climb.


There was also a humongous sand and dirt playground area which has so many toys to dig and build that we didn’t visit just looked at in passing. I think kids could spend a whole day in that area alone!

We spent a while in the Gold Mine area, using shovels and sifting sand to find jewels and gold nuggets. Personally there were so many in there and they were all so tiny it didn’t feel very rewarding to me, but the kids loved it.

Active Adventure

Regardless which activity you choose, this place is designed to get kids moving. Everything is self-powered, moved and built by the kids. There are towers and slides, balance and parkour courses, pedal powered vehicles and boats, trampolines, climbing walls, and even mini golf. There is so much for them to push, pull, climb, and generally be incredibly active. They will hopefully sleep well that night after all the activity! K fell asleep in the car, transferred straight to bed, and didn’t wake up again until the next morning!

If we lived near the Playmobil FunPark I would definitely want to get a season pass to take the kids more frequently. The prices were very reasonable. Check out the park map to see what else the park offers that I didn’t get a chance to mention. We all had a great time and it was a wonderful way to spend more time with family. We would definitely recommend you visit!

Have you ever been to this Playmobil FunPark? What did your kids enjoy most? To see what else we were up to in Germany stay tuned for our upcoming posts on Germany travel with kids and the BaumWipfelPfad Steigerwald.

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  1. So cool – looks like you guys had a blast! I loved Playmobil when I was a kid…I can imagine it is so fun to see a whole park full of life-size toys!

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