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5 Places To Stay Near Page, Arizona

There are so many great places to stay near Page, Arizona that we decided it needed it’s own post. Page is very popular, so be prepared to spend a little bit more on a campsite then you might otherwise! Fortunately, the views are simply outstanding from pretty much all of the campgrounds in the area….

Travel Destinations

5 Things To Do In Page, Arizona

There are so many things to do and see in Page, Arizona! Originally, the town of Page was built as a housing community for the construction of Glen Canyon Dam. However, as the reservoir filled and began attracting tourists, the town grew. Of course, as tourism grew, even more natural wonders in the area became…

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Flexible VS Rigid Solar Panels

We’ve had a number of comments, mostly on YouTube, about Flexible vs Rigid Solar Panels. Most of our comments have been really positive. Some just wanted to point out that rigid ones are better. Others asked about how ours have been holding up. After someone linked a video from another YouTuber who’s had some issues…