Glacier National Park, MT – Iceberg Lake

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Iceberg Lake was by far our favorite hike in Glacier. This hike was located in the Many Glacier area of the park and is 9.6 miles out and back. The first part of the hike climbs through open landscape, with big mountain views, and grassy hillsides

Then the trail delves into the woods, eventually coming upon the Ptarmigan Falls.

Again, the trail goes into open terrain and we could see the semi-circular mountains that we knew flanked Iceberg Lake.

When we got closer to the end of the trail, we realized that although the temperature was above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we would be crossing over snow fields. How strange it was to us to be in t-shirts and shorts, and walking over snow. The wind coming across the snow and ice became cool and was incredibly refreshing.

When we reached Iceberg Lake itself, we were astounded at the beauty. Both of us thought this place was pretty incredible. The lake was still partially frozen over, but as some of the lake had melted and fractured, and sections of snow-pack had slid into the lake from the slopes, the lake looked as if it had icebergs floating in it.

This is a must-do hike for anyone planning on visiting Glacier.

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