Fall Mashup – Sculpture Exhibits and Horse Shows, Oh My

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Two other things that happened this fall that are worth a definite mention because they were so fun and are a must see for anyone who is in the area of their show circuits, are the Cavalia Odysseo Horse Show and Chihuly Sculpture Exhibit.

Cavalia Odysseo, if we had to describe it in just a few words, would be to say it’s like a Cirque du Soleil with horses. It was incredible. Neither K or I totally knew what to expect but were even more impressed that we thought we might be. The level of training and horse sense that the performers displayed was really something else. The entire time I thought how much my sister, who is a horse lover, owner, and trainer would have enjoyed the show. There were acrobatics, jumps, flips, elegant and graceful displays of dressage, and so much more. In one act, that I personally thought was very memorable because of the cooperative work between man and beast, each horse followed one person around the hall in a somewhat chaotic scene, but one by one, the horses were consolidated behind fewer and fewer people, until each person had 10 or so horses following them in a straight line one horse next to the other, turning in perfect synchronization in tune with the person’s movement. The show was very well done. The ending was also surprising, as the sandy hall began to be covered in water, as the spectacular scene for the Lipizzaner’s performance finale. Make sure you check out this show if it is ever near you. I’d definitely go again.


Chihuly is an amazing exhibit of sculptures made of glass in all shapes and sizes. It is artwork by the artist Dale Chihuly. Even more impressive is the sheer complexity and scale of the combinations of glass. Chihuly sculptures have been created and shown in exhibits all over the world. We saw it at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The sculptures are made and arranged to work with the setting in which they are placed. Also, for a limited time, they also had Chihuly Nights which is what we went to, and this adds another whole factor to the display in that the sculptures are all lit up. We really enjoyed it and although the exhibit has ended in Denver would recommend anyone go to a future show near them.


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