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When I told K I wanted to do a post with pictures of the various flowers and blooming trees I’ve taken pictures of, his response was, “that will be riveting.” 🙂 So, this post won’t be for everyone, but I think there are some that will appreciate it. If that’s not you, please check back another day!
Now, to caveat these pictures, I have no idea what type of flowers or trees these are. Maybe some of you do. My Mom was the one to always point out various plants on our walks, and she had a great memory for what each was. I don’t seem to have that memory for these types of things, but over the years I enjoy looking at them more and more. In the past I didn’t appreciate them as much, and didn’t understand my Mom’s interest in taking pictures or video, but now here I am…I guess I am my mother’s daughter in this aspect (at least somewhat) after all too!
Flowers and blooming trees seen on our trip from the time we left Virginia through Arkansas.
(Blumen und Baume die wir gesehen haben auf unsere Reise von Virginia nach Arkansas.)


I found these most intriguing. From afar, they look like red flowers, but actually appear to be a type of red-tipped grass or grain…
(Ich fandt diese sehr interessant.  Aus der Ferne, sahen sie aus wie rote Blumen, aber eigentlich sehen sie aus wie eine Art von Grass oder Getreide mit rote Spitzen.)

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