Lowry Campground & Breckenridge, CO

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Usually, our blog posts don’t center around the campground we went to, but rather the destination the trip was planned around, but in this post they both deserve equal measure. The reason being, it was Memorial Day weekend and since we planned our outing kind of last minute, the general agenda was mostly just get out with the trailer to do some camping, see what we see.

Just about everything was booked up, but we got a spot at Lowry Campground in the White River National Forest near Breckenridge, CO. I think the description on the site probably spooked people off. Recently many of the trees have been removed due to pest control, but the up side to this is that you have unimpeded and fantastic views. Also, you are advised to bring your own water and the toilets are only pit toilets so the amenities are very limited. With a trailer though this isn’t usually an issue. We weren’t de-winterized yet, but even so, we managed. So, there was hardly anyone there, we had no neighbors on either side of us, and the views were amazing! Check out these pictures from the campground:

We had skipped Breckenridge on our Mountain Madness Vacation because it’s so close to Denver and easy to get to most anytime. So we decided since Lowry Campground was so close, we’d make Breck our main destination for the weekend. We went into town and our first stop was the Visitor Center. They have a really great little museum there that is a must see and we spent some time wandering through and learning about the history of Breckenridge.

There is a great downtown area with many little shops that we leisurely checked out and made a couple purchases. We brought a picnic lunch into town that we ate while lounging on a brick wall along the sidewalk and people watching, but there are lots of restaurant options for any time of day. Instead, our lunch money was spent at the Breckenridge Brewery. It’s still not our favorite overall, but their Vanilla Porter is delicious. Sitting on the balcony on a gorgeous day with my honey was a great way to spend a few hours!

Breckenridge is fun even outside the ski season and worth checking out any time of year.

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